Friday, February 26, 2010

Canon 40D Noise Levels, Part 2

Most camera review image data show that the 40D has lower noise levels than the 50D and 7D. I wondered why.

Then it hit me. While I was researching at DxOMark, I discovered this comparison. The charts for 'Screen' output show the general superiority of the 40D to the other two DSLRs, whereas the charts for 'Print' output show the opposite! To wit:

This explains, for example, why camera reviews judge the 50D to be noisier than the 40D. Because in screen output, it is!

The evidence shows that if you're mostly interested in displaying your images on computer screens, televisions, and digital picture frames, the 40D is superior to the 50D and 7D. If you're more concerned with printing your photos, then the 50D and 7D are better choices.

I have no interest in printing whatsoever. So the 40D is easily the best camera for me.

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