Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Oh, God... Part 2

Having said that, there are other feelings that are more appropriate for spiritual enlightenment, for example, love, peacefulness, or joy. My admonition against fear-based spirituality should not be taken to imply that I don't think feelings have a place in determining our beliefs and worldview. I know there are some people who fervently hold that logic and reason are the only valid basis for determining how we live our lives and how society conducts its business. But this is merely another belief system (or religion, if you will) where human rationality is idolatrized.

Accepting that man is both an emotional being and an intelligent being in equal measure is the first step toward understanding our place in the universe. To give our emotional life the same standing as our intellectual life is not wrong. Emotional truth is no less potent or valid than rational truth. And our emotions will not necessarily get us into greater trouble than relying solely on reason. We just need to guide our feelings, and this is where spirituality plays a major role.

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