Friday, February 26, 2010

Spartacus: Blood and Sand

Man, I love this show!!! You ain't seen nothin' like it on television...ever! This week's episode, the fifth, is the best one yet. Theocules, the most feared and fearsome gladiator in all the world, has come to Capua to challenge the famous Crixus. Theocules is undefeated, and despite being cut a thousand times, he has never fallen! Out of hundreds of battles, only one man has ever survived the arena with Theocules: Doctore.

Because no single gladiator can possibly beat Theocules, it is decided that a team of two shall battle him. Crixus is paired with the much less experienced Spartacus. However, these two hate each other's guts. The gladiatorial trainer Doctore just cannot get these two to work together. As he says, either they fight as one to defeat Theocules, or they die as two.

The final battle is the best I've ever seen on television or in the theatre. I'd pay to watch this stuff! The ending will leave you flabbergasted. And, remember, this show is very bloody and very gory. Nobody under 18 should be watching it. (Nobody over 18, either.)

Also note: at one point in the show, we see Crixus totally naked, (shaved) private parts and all, as a Roman official's wife checks him out. Trust me, every man wants to have his kind of body. It's the stuff of comic books, Greek mythology, and Heavy Metal.

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