Tuesday, March 30, 2010

iPad Thai

Green-Lantern weighs 2.6 lbs, 1.1 lbs more than the iPad. (The iPad has roughly the same footprint, but it's a LOT thinner.)

What do you get in return for this extra weight?
  1. a REAL, physical keyboard
  2. a 250GB hard drive -- about 4x the storage of iPad
  3. a user-replaceable battery
  4. a card reader, VGA port, Ethernet port, and several USB ports
This makes Green-Lantern eminently more versatile than iPad. And, honestly, Win7 Starter Edition isn't much more onerous than the iPad OS.

What iPad has going for it is the e-reader capability, something Green-Lantern is distinctly unsuited for. Also, iPad is good at playing HD videos.

Where the iPad falls down are:
  1. no built-in webcam (for videoconferencing)
  2. no multitasking
  3. no support for Flash
  4. Apple's draconian control of the App Store
  5. no USB (except via a stupid dongle)
However, iPad is the future of computing. Someday, I'll ditch Green-Lantern in favour of an iPad-like device (with the abovementioned problems fixed)...


timseh says:
I contend that it will change the game. and radically change it at that. Why? Tablets have been tried over and over again for years. In some cases, they've proven to be interesting, even useful niche products, but they haven't caught on. Previous tablets have tried to shoehorn a desktop OS into a keyboardless, touchscreen laptop. They put too much emphasis on remaining backward compatible.
The iPad is a forward looking device. Apple has managed to do what previous attempts at tablets have failed to do. They have re-imagined what a truly portable touchscreen device can do and how. Interacting with the iPad and the core applications is intuitive. Natural. It's more than the Apple "it just works" propaganda. It makes sense when you use it. The calendar and address book behave the way their paper cousins do, but they can do so much more. In iBooks, books behave like... well, books. Apps like these, and like the photo app, Mail and Safari show us new ways to do the things we do on other platforms.
Where it really breaks new ground is the fact that people (lots of people) will actually use it. And once they start using it, it will change the way people interact with information of all kinds.
Check out these Apple/Steve Jobs recipes:


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