Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Go Android!

Steve Jobs says:
We do believe we have a moral responsibility to keep porn off the iPhone.
This is wrong on, oh, so many levels...

First, Apple is a technology company, pure and simple. Their role is to manufacture cool gadgets for consumers to enjoy...and make tons of money in the process. Who appointed them the moral police for the global community?

Second, Apple's criteria for determining what is, or is not, porn include the presence of nudity. Not all nudity is pornographic. Not all nudity is sexually arousing (pornography is intended to sexually arouse). Context is vital (but unfortunately it is also subject to interpretation). Images of genitalia have appeared in works of art throughout history. It takes a person who is extremely erotophobic to be offended by any and all kinds of nudity.

Third, why is porn "immoral?" Why is it immoral to be sexually aroused by images?

And if you believe that the source of objection is in how those images are produced (through human exploitation), then you are incredibly ignorant. Hugh Hefner would not consider his girls as exploited, nor would the girls themselves. Jenna Jameson, the most successful porn star in the world, does not feel exploited. And every hour of every day, thousands of people around the planet are uploading amateur porn to the Internet, NOT for profit (because they don't get paid) but because they enjoy their sexuality. This is not exploitation.

Fourth, iPhone users (even the most prudish) are not obligated to purchase or view porn. It is entirely the consumer's choice. What is wrong with simply making porn available for purchase? Put the software in its own special category and set up parental controls.

(Not that there's any point. Anybody who wants porn can easily get it off the Internet -- and there are no parental controls! For example, and

BTW, there's a *lot* of money to be made in adult apps. Apple are depriving themselves of a great deal of revenue.

But, hey, this *is* Steve Jobs' App Store -- he can do whatever he likes. And we can eschew the iPhone in favour of an Android phone.

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