Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Decline of Internet Explorer

How the mighty hath fallen! Microsoft's Internet Explorer has rapidly lost browser market share over the past year. Evidence is based on Google Analytics performed on my website, The Good Sex Network.

A year ago, Internet Explorer was king of the hill with a 76% share. Firefox was in second place with 16%. All other browsers hardly registered (less than 3% each).

This month, Microsoft's premiere browser slipped to a pathetic 50%. Firefox has 24%. And we have a new kid on the block with 13% share: Google's Chrome. (Safari and Opera each have about 5%.)

These results are sort of supported by other statistical studies, whose numbers do vary quite a lot. But there's no question that Internet Explorer is in serious decline, and Chrome is rapidly ascending. (Firefox and Safari are relatively stagnant.)

Steve Ballmer and Microsoft can't be happy, which makes me very happy. Can we spell s-c-h-a-d-e-n-f-r-e-u-d-e, boys and girls?

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