Saturday, July 10, 2010

Movie Review: Predators

Robert Rodriguez may be the producer ("Robert Rodriguez presents..."), but relative newcomer Nimród Antal is the director. And despite a few continuity errors, he does a pretty credible job. I enjoyed Predators.

Adrien Brody plays the hero in this reboot of the Predator franchise, essentially stepping into Ahhnold Schwarzenegger's shoes. When I first heard that Brody was cast, I was very leery. After all, he's always been a bit of a wimp, playing a musician in The Pianist, a playwright in King Kong, a villager in The Village, and a scientist in Splice. But Brody is actually fairly convincing as a mysterious black-ops commando snatched from an airplane and deposited on an alien world.

The story takes place on an alien game preserve where various species, including homo sapiens, are hunted for sport. The denizens of this lush jungle planet are *chosen* for their predatory/fighting nature. So, for example, we find a Colombian cartel enforcer (played by Danny Trejo, soon to be seen in Machete), a Yakuza assassin, a Russian soldier, and a FBI Most Wanted convict.

Laurence Fishburne makes an "interesting" appearance.

The film alludes to the original Predator, and even indirectly references Ahhnold. The picture below supports this (for extra points, can anyone explain why?).

The ending tantalizingly hints at a possible sequel (or franchise!). You may not be aware, but I'm starting to drool as I type this...

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