Thursday, August 26, 2010

Canon 60D Announced!

The Canon 60D has finally been announced. And it's a humdinger!

It has an articulated LCD!!! And a sensible one, too, not like the D5000's piece o' shit.

It has a slightly smaller, PLASTIC body (compared to the 40D/50D/7D). I prefer metal. I like metal. I lust for metal.

It has no AF micro-adjustment.

It has a 96% coverage viewfinder (compared to 95% in the 40D/50D and 100% in the 7D).

It does away with the joystick. (But it has a 4-way controller inset within the rear control wheel.)

It has no multi-flash support.

It uses SD cards instead of CF.

It has a slightly slower frame rate, 5.3 fps.

It has the same metering system and movie mode as the 7D.

It has the same sensor as the T2i. And the same 9-point AF system as the 40D. (Just as well -- I think the 7D's 19-point AF is too complicated.)

It's only slightly ($300) more expensive than the T2i, the top-end Rebel. In fact, think of the 60D as a Super Rebel.

I'm glad I didn't buy the 50D. The 7D is the natural upgrade path. The 60D is pretty much a dumbed-down 50D. Canon have repositioned the xxD line away from 'semi-pro' and toward the high-end consumer segment.

My guess is that the 60D will be more comfortable to hold than the Rebels, but not as comfortable as my 40D. Let's see if I'm right...


  1. Why upgrade from 40D to 60D?

    - high ISO
    - movie mode
    - articulated screen

    Why choose 60D over T2i?

    - more comfortable grip
    - pentaprism viewfinder
    - ergonomics - rear control wheel, top LCD
    - better AF - 9 cross-type points
    - faster frame rate
    - articulated screen
    - wireless flash controller

    Why choose 7D over 60D?

    - 8 fps
    - 19 cross-type point AF
    - 100% coverage viewfinder
    - magnesium alloy body
    - AF micro-adjustment

    The *only* thing I really miss in the 40D is high ISO performance. As good as the 7D/60D are in this regard, they're not good enough. So I shall wait for the next generation of DSLR that will have truly wonderful high ISO...

  2. well said richi ... i got ma first camera canon 60 D wid canon 18-200 lens

    lookin for some online basic training material ..