Monday, August 23, 2010

Requiem for Smalltalk

August Headline: Dinosaur Smalltalk falls off top 50

Smalltalk, the first pure object-oriented programming language ever, lost its position in the TIOBE top 50 this month. The same happened to the other well-known pure object-oriented language Eiffel a couple of months ago. This is probably part of the trend that languages are becoming more and more multiparadigm: both object-oriented and procedural with a functional flavor.


This is a frakking outrage!!! What is this world coming to?!!

Smalltalk is the closest to being the "perfect" programming language. It is simplicity itself. It is unbelievably flexible and versatile. The "IDE" is mature, sophisticated, and powerful, consisting of an object browser and a "live" debugger. It is a "productivity amplifier" without peer. And the code is remarkably compact.

The only knock against it is in the area of performance, but even there, you will find opportunities to optimize. With today's CPU and GPU hardware, performance will rarely be an issue.

I s'pose Ruby will take the crown as the ultimate OOP language, but it is not nearly as simple nor as easy to develop in as Smalltalk is. And you don't get that wonderful "live" debugger.

It's worth dredging up this old post:

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