Saturday, September 18, 2010

Movie Review: Devil

Up until opening day, there were absolutely no reviews for the M. Night Shyamalan-produced, John Erick Dowdle-directed Devil -- I was apprehensive. Typically, this is a bad omen -- the producers are afraid that early word from critics may hurt the opening box office. But they needn't have worried: I thoroughly enjoyed this movie.

Devil is a psychological thriller, as well as a simple story of redemption. It's about five people that are trapped in an elevator. And one of them is the Devil. He's there to harvest souls.

Despite the fact that we know the Devil is there from beginning to end, the thriller aspect still works, as we find the trapped passengers getting killed one by one. The police and firefighters work furiously in a race to get into the elevator before the Devil completes his task.

Even though the film is only 1:20 long, the shortest I've seen in a very long time, it feels very full and satisfying. This is a testament to the skill of the director.


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