Friday, December 24, 2010

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Blue Valentine

I love a film that takes you to the edge of melancholy and depression...

It's very sad but it's so beautiful.

It will keep you thinking - and feeling - about the possibilities for long-term love for days after you've left the cinema.

Wretched and beautiful, devastating and passionate, Blue Valentine evokes every inch of its title's dichotomy.

Emotionally raw, heartbreakingly beautiful and superbly acted.

Pulls no punches in terms of its heavy subject matter and boasts wonderful performances from stars Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams.

Exquisitely painful to watch.

Assuming one can use the word "enjoy" for what might be the greatest feel-bad movie of the year, I enjoyed BLUE VALENTINE a lot.

After reading these reviews from Rotten Tomatoes, I almost feel like slitting my own wrists...

I can hardly wait to see the movie.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Movie Review: Client-9: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer

I was anxious to see this film, as I've been fascinated with Eliot Spitzer ever since the sex scandal broke. The film is very good.

It was astonishing to follow this man's political career. He could easily have been the first Jewish President of the United States. His fall from grace was heart-rending.

Spitzer made many high-power enemies during his crusade against Wall Street and the New York legislature. But he was honest enough to say that he didn't blame his enemies for ganging up on him. This mess, he brought upon himself.

The most memorable comment in the film came from one of his former employees. To paraphrase, all he did was have sex in a hotel room. That's it. And for that, he was crucified.

Ironically, Bill Clinton remained extremely popular, even after a woman sucked his cock in the Oval Office. But Spitzer has not been able to shake *his* scandal. (Although, he *does* have an excellent program on CNN called "Parker/Spitzer".)

I have grown to like and admire Eliot Spitzer. Sure, he betrayed his wife. But, cripes, it was only sex!! One of the most natural of human urges and needs. Otherwise, he's a very smart man, a very determined man, who fought against the worst excesses of Wall Street.

I highly recommend this film.


The whole world seems to be focussed on shutting down WikiLeaks and persecuting Julian Assange. I'm going to give you my two cents' worth, and you're not going to like it...

I think we should leave Assange alone. He did nothing "wrong". Even though I disagree with what he did, I support his right to do it. After all, we live in the digital age where information can be disseminated around the globe at the speed of light. We need to understand and appreciate this.

All information is fair game, WITHOUT EXCEPTION. This applies to ALL platforms on the Web, including Facebook, Twitter, Craig's List, WikiLeaks, and the like.

If you care about your privacy, about your confidentiality, then take the necessary steps to safeguard your information. This applies to you and me. And this applies to the United States of America.

The United States foolishly made their information accessible by nearly a million people. Did they really think they could prevent information from leaking?

And once the information was leaked, why should anybody in the digital universe assume any responsibility to keep that information private? In the digital age, all information is fair game. When it comes to privacy, the responsibility ultimately rests with YOU, the information's owner. Don't look to anyone else as a scapegoat. Don't try to censor the Web. Don't try to bully the Web into digital decency and morality.

The Internet is amoral and agnostic, as it should be. There is no right or wrong on the Internet. There is no cultural context, esp. given that countries as disparate as Iran, China, and Japan are connected. There is only information, and freedom of information. There is only communication, and freedom of communication. And anybody who tries to keep a lid on all of this is himself in the wrong. (I'm look at you, China and USA.)

The Internet has value because it is free and open. Anybody can post anything he wants, including child porn, terrorist propaganda, classified information, snuff films, etc. We don't have to like it, but we have to respect the freedom and openness of the Web.