Thursday, May 23, 2013

Ah, Rob Ford, Rob Ford, Rob Ford... Part 1

Rob Ford's behaviour is completely inexplicable, unless he has something to hide. Why is he not vigorously defending himself?? If there were no merit to the veracity of the video or the crack cocaine accusation, I'd be screaming my defence from the top of the highest mountain.

It seems to me that he has fired his Chief of Staff because he refuses to follow any of his advice. (Presumably, his Chief of Staff has given him some very sound advice.)

My gut tells me that Ford is guilty and he's hoping the whole thing will blow over if he simply shuts the fuck up. It ain't gonna work.

What astonishes me to no end is how stupid Ford is. He's the Mayor of Toronto under the constant scrutiny of the public and the press. And yet, he takes the risk of smoking crack! This goes beyond horribly bad judgment. This goes beyond monumental stupidity. It speaks to a highly defective personality and an EF5 level of arrogance and narcissism.

The situation is so bad that we haven't even heard from my friend James. I'm guessing that even James has given up recycling his usual defence (ie, the left-leaning press and city council are out to get him). This latest event is simply "a bridge too far", one too many in a long line of scandals and controversies that has plagued the Mayor's tenure. James has had enough. I don't blame him.

It baffles me that anyone would defend Ford in the first place. I knew he was a buffoon from the first moment I laid eyes on him...

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