Saturday, May 25, 2013

Ah, Rob Ford, Rob Ford, Rob Ford... Part 4
This weekend,  The Globe and Mail is publishing an extensive examination of the Toronto Ford family’s decades-old connection to illicit drugs We are doing so with utmost caution, journalistic rigour and legal scrutiny – ultimately believing that Torontonians and, more broadly, Canadians need to understand the background of the most politically powerful family in the country’s biggest city. 
Mr. McArthur, one of the country’s most respected investigative reporters, began work on this project in late 2011, in an attempt to detail the history of the Fords. Although Rob Ford had been well-documented as a councillor and mayor, little existed on the public record about his older brother Doug, who has emerged as a force in the mayor’s office and across the city. 
We have approached Rob and Doug Ford several times to speak to the allegations. A senior Globe editor visited Doug Ford, privately, to explain the purpose of our research. Doug Ford rebuffed our entreaties, and aggressively threatened legal action. [My emphasis.]
Doug Ford's public response this afternoon to the Globe story is pathetic. Of course, a news organization should and must conduct investigative journalism:  that's their frickin' job! Why should it be hands off for the Ford family?? Especially in light of recent events, it behooves all of us to further understand the story behind the story, the background of this powerful family.

It is all the more timely given the insipid response of Rob Ford to the crack cocaine allegations. On the highly dubious advice of his legal counsel, and against the advice of his Chief of Staff, Rob Ford chose to remain oddly silent on the story, failing to get out in front of it and perform damage control. Then finally he did release a (carefully crafted) statement and it was reminiscent of Bill Clinton's song and dance with the public–a terrible PR failure. This just made everybody more curious. With this latest Globe story, we now have a better understanding of what's going on.

All the telltale signs are here. They may be "circumstantial" but they paint a fairly reliable picture of the truth. We don't really need the video anymore. The same can be said for Bill Clinton and the Monica Lewinsky story 15 years ago. Did we not all "know" the truth back then even before Clinton finally 'fessed up? I sure did.

So how can there be any doubt about Rob Ford today? Unless you are blindly loyal to him. Unless you are partisan to the extreme. Unless you were also one of the fools who believed Bill Clinton in 1998. Unless you are terribly delusional. Unless you are really, really dense. This is soooo obvious, folks!! Really. I can't believe I even have to write all this. It's a sad commentary on Rob Ford supporters...

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