Saturday, May 25, 2013

Ah, Rob Ford, Rob Ford, Rob Ford... Part 5

I just watched Doug Ford's interview on CBC News. It is soooo exasperating! Doug is doing this elaborate song and dance (just as I expected) and basically evading all of Asha Tomlinson's questions. Watch for yourself and you be the judge.

He just won't give a straight answer. His responses are full of diversions and innuendoes and he goes off on wild tangents. In particular, he repeatedly says that journalism today has gone into the gutter. He accuses the Globe and Mail of fraudulent reporting. So I did a bit of investigating of my own...

There is no record of the Globe ever having been sued (successfully or unsuccessfully) for fraudulent reporting or violating journalistic integrity. Perhaps my Google search is faulty–it wouldn't be the first time. If any of you can show me that the Globe has, in fact, engaged in fraudulent reporting, please, please, inform me. I'd like to know whether Doug Ford is correct about the Globe or simply blowing hot air. Thanks.

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