Sunday, May 26, 2013

Ah, Rob Ford, Rob Ford, Rob Ford... Part 7

I need to address one more statement that my friend James made. He suggests that I, in particular, am attempting to smear Ford's reputation. Pray tell, why would I want to smear Ford's reputation???

I fully support Rob Ford's policies and proposals for rebuilding Toronto's infrastructure. I fully support his attempt to reign in spending and lower taxes. I have NEVER, EVER opposed his political position.

But it is very clear that he is a public embarrassment. He keeps shooting himself in the foot, and his supporters keep expecting Ford to be given a pass. Let's be perfectly clear: I do NOT believe in blind loyalty. For all the good that Ford does, he also needs to earn our respect. It is not enough that he is a good policy wonk.

A comparison with Stephen Harper is in order. Harper is also a good policy wonk, but he has never personally bothered me. So Harper does earn my respect. I can't really fault the man.

But it is, oh, so easy to fault Rob Ford.

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  1. I think if someone like John Tory had been chosen mayor, we'd see a lot less drama from City Hall. Tory would not have exposed himself to so many controversies. Every Ford controversy was self-inflicted. To blame the Star or any other news organization is a diversion or distraction from the truth. (For the record, I really liked Tory. I was very disappointed when he lost the election.)